Heart Sentinel™ predicts the real-time probability that the individual may actually be facing severe cardiac rhythm abnormalities during any type of exercise.


Heart Sentinel™ continuously monitors your heart rate and your motion from you Smart Phone through a standard BT+ chest strap heart rate monitor or any existing heart rate wearable device and is also ready to be used on future IoT miniaturized devices .

Thanks to its exclusive cardiologist-designed, patent-pending algorithm Heart Sentinel™ is able to detect possible exercise-associated cardiac arrest, and automatically alert predetermined contacts through SMS with GPS position data for one-click fast navigation or ready for 911 alert.


In our era there’s still room for lifesaving invention. With dozens of millions of devices measuring heart beat rates, few hundreds of millions of people actively practicing sports or simply walking on the weekend with their dog and many hundreds of millions of Smart Phones or Smart Watches daily used by any individuals, we focused out research on how to detect a sudden cardiac arrest through commercial low-cost devices in use by athletes or by individuals with potential high cardiac arrest risk.

Our patent pending algorithm, recognized in many medical, academic and commercial communities, combines heart rate analysis with motion analysis to drastically reduces false alarms given the effectiveness to identify cardiac irregularities without ECG and knowing that motion is almost continuously present during any type of exercise whereas a subject in cardiac arrest has a total absence of motion after just few seconds.

When the combination of the two situation occurs, heart rate analysis failure and absence of motion detection, our algorithm based application triggers a countdown that, if not stopped by Heart Sentinel™ user, initiates a proximity alarm and an immediate request for support to selected emergency numbers providing GPS based location. A market opportunity of potentially hundreds of individuals subscribing to our services has been identified.


Thousands of people have died this year only in US for a cardiac arrest while exercising! Exercise is overall the healthiest activity, but during exercise, especially for non active individuals, the risk of a Cardiac Arrest increases significantly. When a Cardiac arrest happens, a quick emergency defibrillation within 10 minutes is fundamental. Percentage of survival in fact decreases 10% by minute.


There is no chance to save an unwitnessed cardiac arrest after 10 minutes. A prompt alert is crucial to activate emergency response chain so to receive, within the average 6-7 minutes, an Emergency defibrillation to increasing the chances of survival.

While there is no 100% guarantee that the active or the non active sportsman will be saved if wearing a heart rate monitor and running Heart Sentinel™, no harm can be made to provide an additional level of control to individuals having a high cardiac risk.

Heart Sentinel is discussing partnerships with HealthCare firms, Fitness equipment manufacturers, SportsWare producers, IoT device distributors and Medical centers of competence willing to help us in having Heart Sentinel™ services adopted by any individual with high risk of Cardiac Arrest.


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